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May 2022 Aksum VPK set to do in Uzbekistan what Inkas does in Dubai

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International businessman and founder of Inkas Vehicle LLC, Ulugbekhon Maksumov has decided to do in his home country, Uzbekistan what he has very much excelled at in his adopted country of United Arab Emirates. That is producing armored vehicles both for security and luxury. And for almost a decade Inkas has been synonymous with quality, cutting-edge technology and sheer luxury delivered with impeccable craftsmanship.

But instead of bringing Inkas to Uzbekistan, the company is remodelled under a new name known as Aksum VPK. Aksum VPK in substance is pretty much an old wine in a new bottle, but a very big bottle going by what sources have revealed about the company.

Confirming the model for Aksum VPK, the spokesperson for the company says, “Aksum VPK is similar in operation to Inkas. It is like Inkas reborn with a new name and located in Uzbekistan. The only difference is that Aksum VPK is much bigger with bigger factory but the activity is absolutely the same. The facility is said to be 300,000sq.ft with production capacity of 100 military vehicles per month.

If both Inkas and Aksum VPK share the same soul in the person of Maksumov, one should expect that the same ideals would be the driving force behind both companies.

“At Inkas, we believe that safety is in a perpetual state of evolution. We live in a world of change and seemingly invincible threats. In order to move forward we must constantly innovate and direct all our efforts towards a better world, leading by example. Safety is a basic human right, and one that fuels our passion. We invest all our resources into keeping that human right alive. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore the unexplored, research the unthinkable, probe deeper and find new ways to prevent disaster. Herein lies our mission – a better world in which we share that sense of security. Safety,” Maksumov had preached in his mission statement at Inkas, it is therefore worth noting if the rules of the game would remain the same

The brain and muscle behind Aksum VPK says he is in the business of saving lives to guarantee peace of mind in safety and security, it is thus pertinent to listen to him and see how events unfold. But if his antecedents at Inkas is anything worth its salt, Aksum VPK is indeed another force building momentum to ruffle the defence industry in Europe.

According to the company’s spokesperson, VPK is an abbreviation in Russian language, meaning military industrial company. When fully translated into English, hence the tagline within logo design Military Industrial Company.

Aksum VPK is a member of Aksum Group of Companies which include Aksum Marine Industries LLC operating in the marine and naval armored engineering industry in Umm Al Quwain, UAE.

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It is not by accident or any act of favoritism that Ulugbekhon Maksumov was recently honoured in his home country of Uzbekistan with a commemorative award on the occasion of the country’s 30thindependence anniversary. It was an honour reserved for uncommon men who have achieved uncommon feats in bringing honour to the motherland through hard work and industry.

The serial entrepreneur has distinguished himself in the defence industry by creating an amalgamation of companies that have bestrode the industry with unequalled services that engender not only luxury but security.

Maksumov in 2019 resolved to start manufacturing armored and special purpose boats to expand his expertise of producing armored vehicles to the naval field. He decided to go with a new personal brand AKSUM adding the word MARINE to define the sector it serves. Later on, he took a decision to expand his brand AKSUM to cover the defence industry on land as well. And as far as UAE he already has the INKAS VEHICLES brand developed with loyal regional customers, he focused on a new region, homeland, Uzbekistan for an easier route to post-soviet countries and european markets. Now Ulugbekhon with his strategic thinking opened a branch of Aksum Marine on the territory of Uzbekistan as well. Therefore, there is an AKSUM GROUP OF COMPANIES as business and brand continue to gain momentum.

In nearest future Aksum Group is poised to become the supplier of choice for African, Gulf and CIS countries, and then penetrate European and American markets. Moreover, Ulugbekhon Maksumov is deeply involved not only in general management, but also business development and production processes. He is aware about everything going on within the companies.

In essence, his display of business acumen and intuitiveness means he has conquered the land and the sea with the Aksum Group, taking full advantage of the best of technology employing Safety, Durability and Stability as the framework of his operations.

“If safety is not the main objective of any vehicle/vessel manufacturer – then there is something wrong with the whole understanding of production purpose. The material used for hull construction HDPE (high density polyethylene) ensures durability with minimum maintenance required. Exceptional engineering solutions provide supreme stability to perform in extreme weather conditions, the Group’s spokesperson interjected.

Currently, Ulugbekhon Maksumov sits atop an empire which includes all the companies that operate in the Aksum Group ecosystem.

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Having imprinted his name on the armoured vehicle industry in the Middle East and beyond through his flagship company, Inkas Vehicles, Ulugbekhon Maksumov shifted his sight from land to water by launching Aksum Marine. The venture was a calculated move that was dully precipitated by popular demand due to the Maksumov’s Midas touch in deploying top-notch technology with cutting-edge creativity and innovation. Aksum has pretty much followed in the footsteps of Inkas Vehicles, which is best exemplified by security and luxury. Maksumov’s reputation has been the denominator here as Aksum Marine is weathering the naval market to emerge as a top player.

As a spokesperson of the company noted: “A wide range of regular customers who have tested and trusted in the quality of products that are being produced under Maksumov’s wing, would prefer acquiring maritime solutions from him as well, building an even stronger bond between the parties.”

“Moreover, he is deeply involved not only in general management but also in business development and production process. He is aware of everything going on within the companies,” the spokesperson added.

Aksum Group is poised to become the supplier of choice for African, Gulf, and CIS countries, and then penetrate European and American markets in the coming years

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