Communication is perhaps one of the main components in business. Especially useful when you are at the start. You always need to make new acquaintances, attend thematic events, exhibitions, various places where people are set up to communicate. After all, it is better not to find an excuse. And remember that communicability is not only openness in communication and the ability to make contact, it's the ability to speak, understand and listen. Pay attention to everything: clothes, manner of expressing one's thoughts, gestures, etc. This will help you determine the psychotype of people, their temperament and adequacy. Do not forget that other people bring money to you, so develop your communication skills and you will see how much easier it will be to do business.

Do you forgive betrayal? Personally for me it is very difficult. It’s hard for me to trust people again who once seriously betrayed me. This eternal story, when these people come back, begin to convince you that it’s not them, but circumstances, and it just happened so, and that they understood everything, realized and more will not happen again. Such people, for me, like aquarium fish – one circle around the aquarium and everything is forgotten, they forget everything that was said and history repeats itself. It seems to me that a person really realizes the error, he must experience all that you experienced through him. True repentance takes time, but people rarely change, almost never. Therefore, until the end I can not forgive betrayal.

I no longer need to like everyone. I'm not looking for new acquaintances, it becomes harder for me to explain the story of my life, to show who I really am, to try to meet someone's expectations and beliefs. I already have a very long and complicated story, I can hardly keep up with all the events ... I've been thinking for a long time before I dial someone's number. Usually, these are only close people to whom I can call and offer to meet. I do not need to play with them in a successful businessman, or arrange a show for them or impress, I'm extremely easy to communicate with them. Every day there are more and more people around me, but they do not know who I really am.

People sometimes pretend – it’s a fact. I have come to a conclusion long ago, that most people try to match their imaginary status. But really, think about it, show a way of life, which, in fact, not everyone can afford, has become the normal thing. Personally, I believe that people lose the most valuable. In a pursuit of fame, career, or perhaps because of its nature, we change ourselves, our principles. We try to meet the standards of the modern world, we do not have their own homes. People keep on showing their way. Looking at it day by day, I’m asking myself: do people’s priorities change so much, is it more important to match than to simply be?

Trust. I think this subject is close to everyone, as trust to people over the years becomes more difficult. Have you ever thought how we almost every day have to trust strangers, we trust them with our affairs, health, reputation. After all, trust is different: financial, business or personal, in any case - it's a risk, it's a change in the distance between people, and you need to be prepared for both desirable and undesirable results. Every day I meet new people, discuss business and new ideas, and I ask myself: should I trust this person? The answer is always one - I should take a risk, because the higher you set the bar, the less competition, because only a few can play at this level, and even less really plays. Therefore, I risk, and I learn how to trust to people, because I'm not afraid to lose.

Reputation…It’s not common in society to talk about this, but I’m sure most of my readers have faced this question many times. After all, a lot depends on the reputation of a person: work, status in society, business and so on. Reputation can be bad and good. And only the person himself decides what kind of reputation he needs. If you ask me whether it is important to take care of it, I will answer – definitely yes! As a person and the CEO of the company I’m always surrounded with the people, it is important for me to be honest, reasonable and fair in their eyes. Otherwise, you can lose their trust, and it will be difficult to return it, it may even be impossible. This is like a blank sheet, which can not be crossed out or corrected. Every step you take is not going away. People with impeccable reputation doesn’t exist – this is my opinion. Everyone goes his own way and achieves everything with his own method, reputation is the result of your actions in the eyes of others.

Your environment is your reflection As a businessman, I talk a lot about goals, leadership and qualities useful in business. Now, I would like to talk like an ordinary person, not a businessman. I would like to talk about the influence of the environment on the formation of personality. Each of us has only one life that we live here and now ... Not everything in it is perfect, not everything is smooth. There are things that we can not change, but some of them are subject to us: we have the right to choose friends and build our communication at the level that we deserve. I think you will agree that there is no point in surrounding yourself with people who do not share your success and do not believe in you. After all, if a person is purposeful, then it is much easier for him to achieve the set goals in the same environment than starting his way from convincing others that he is capable of something. Do you agree? Or, all the same, the strength of spirit and character no environment will not break?

The value of word. Have you ever thought about the fact that how a person keeps a word depends on his success in life and in society in general? We make a promise to become better, but we do not fulfill it, we often promise something, but we do not keep our word and thereby let others down. From my side, I can say that I started my journey with an understanding of the value of the word. Learn to make a promise to yourself – this is the most difficult challenge, it connects excitement in the process of achieving the goal. Success is achieved by those who are ready to go forward, and not to poke your weaknesses. Challenge yourself and take it. Everybody knows how to promise. But you just do it.

The theory of leadership. If you want to become a real leader, first become a real person. Nobody likes selfish people, you always can recognize them and many try to stay away from them. My theory is simple: if you want to succeed, then learn to give people what is in your power. I'm not talking about material goods, it can even be a simple advice, attention or support in difficult times. As a CEO, I always try to be closer to my team and give them maximum support and confidence. And I will say one thing - it works. And what do you think? Does leadership depend on the depth of relationships with people or ambitions and perseverance enough to succeed?