You know, sometimes it seems to me that these are the ideas at the expense of the fact that the work should bring joy - the same as the world is friendly or that something should be there for you. Think whether you know a lot of people who are happy at their job or think they are doing exactly what they should? The world is not friendly, but life owes nothing to anyone. Work should bring money, and if you like it, then this is luck!

Values. In our world, the determinants of success are the things that we have, but not the fact what kind of people are we. If you look at the nowadays world with its modern technologies and the crazy lifestyle, then you involuntarily begin to think that without money you are nobody. What happens next? Then you turn into a squirrel, twisting the wheel without stopping, in the hope that in a few years you will live like a man, and you will have prosperity and respect. But as soon as you achieve a certain result, you and your thoughts do not have a rest. The race continues, because you need to keep the bar, you can not go down. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the 21st century. We do not know how to stop in time, we forget that material values will lose their significance and people will be devastated. Remember, if a person does not have spiritual values, then material ones can ruin him.

What are the "right" thoughts? Thought is material, I think everyone knows it already. Any changes in life begins with a change in the worldview. No, I'm not saying completely change the life, just change your attitude and conduct to a specific issue. After all, to think correctly is to think about what is necessary, when it is necessary and how it should be. Learn to think specifically, stop wasting time thinking about stuff, which will lead to nothing. Keep track of your thoughts, try to always make decisions on your own, because what seems right for you, for another may seem completely unacceptable. And this is just the case when you begin to doubt and fear to act. So use the power of thought to the maximum, because the wider and bolder your thinking, the more impressive results you can achieve.

How to understand yourself and your thoughts? I will not deceive you and say that I have a 100% prescription. In fact, it’s really not easy. On my example I can say, I also have moments of despondency and a desire to do nothing. I also get tired of everyday routine, sometimes I do not always understand what decision to take at the moment to do it right. But I always tell myself that only those people who believe in themselves and their success can count on the result. To think correctly is fuel, thanks to which we will develop and move on. After all, success, both in business and in personal life, is created by us consciously, this is our conscious choice which, unfortunately, is not done by many. How do you think, how can a person adjust himself to the right thoughts? Is there a specific formula for correct thinking, or, all the same, external factors will influence the process?

There is a theory, that only in the difficulties is the true face of man revealed. Have you noticed, sometimes it seems to us that we know the person very well, but at some point he becomes a stranger to us. As a rule, this moment calls "turning point". We see this person on the other hand, we never knew before. After all, not everyone can adequately endure difficulties: someone stays away from relatives, someone becomes depressed, and someone simply looks for a solution. Personally me, these difficult moments motivates to go forward. Otherwise, you can live your whole life in greenhouse conditions and never know what actually you are capable of. This way out of the comfort zone can either break you or make you stronger, it all depends on you and your strength of mind. Although, I'm sure that your brightest memories is when you did something unusual, something different. You know, with this post, I would like to support those who are currently experiencing this "turning point". Do not give up, look for a solution and you will find it.

The principle “I don’t know what I want” This principle – the main thing what keeps you far from success. Most of the people don’t know what they want in life, they don’t have clear guidelines and that can be the barrier on the way to success. I always knew you don’t need to set a fantastic goals at the beginning of your journey, better determine your capabilities at this stage and act today. How do you think, does a person can succeed in his life without knowing what he really wants, or does the principle “go with the flow” also works?

You are the master of your life. I began to notice that many people are afraid of responsibilities. I'm not talking about entrepreneurs or the owners of big corporations, I'm talking about people in general. Sometimes you find yourself a hostage of the situation you put yourself in, but unfortunately not everyone is able to accept it. We blame friends, colleagues, bosses but not ourselves. Personally, I believe everything that happens to us is the result of our actions and decisions we are making. Do you agree that a person is the master of his life or does everything depend on the circumstances?

All the rules of life can be written down in words: “Respect yourself, respect others and take responsibility for your actions” – that’s all philosophy. Your life will always move in the direction of your most powerful thought.