I often notice the comment: "I do not have enough motivation to pull myself together" or "how to start acting." In fact, the motivation is around you. I'm sure there is a person in your environment who you would like to podrozhat, or you just follow the life of successful people, no matter whether it's business or sports, the main thing is to understand why you need it. You always need to remember clearly what you are aiming at, what goal you are following in this direction. And most importantly, remember, you are no worse than rich and successful people, they just defeated their laziness and uncertainty and did a little more.

Invest in yourself, not in the attributes of success. Most people achieve certain successes and with a sense of accomplishment go calmly rest on their laurels. This leads to a halt in development and, in the end, you just return to where you started. Therefore, remember that there is always room to grow, no matter how successful you are. Invest in your knowledge, experience and skills. But do not spray on different areas of activity, concentrate on your business. After all, the more experienced you are in your business, the less time you will need to analyze the situation and resolve issues. Well, the result will not keep you waiting.

In modern society, success and the financial well-being associated with it are of concern to many, especially in business society. Agreed, we all follow the progress of our competitors in one way or another. But not all businessmen manage to achieve success and stay afloat for a long time. There are people who can not survive someone else's success, who can not accept what you could. After all, at a turning point nobody believed in you, everyone turned away from you, and, it would seem, you should fall, but, unexpectedly for all, you found a way out. And then there are absolutely "fantastic" stories, clearly different from reality. I'm sure many of you have faced this situation. Do not forget that the law of balance always works in life. You have changed - have become more successful, you have a new social circle, new hobbies, and someone just stayed at the same level and could not forgive you for your success. I would like to advise you simply to go further, to believe in your business and to bend your line. Do not go into reasonings, insults or explanations as everything is in reality. Remember, any of your excuses will be regarded as a loss. Do not lower your hands, just go on.

I want to share with you one of my habits that helped me become a successful entrepreneur – to solve all problems in the shortest possible time, not to postpone or delay. I think many people notice that, as a rule, the solution of the problem at its very beginning requires less effort than wasting effort to eliminate the consequences. No, I do not say every time you have a question, rush into the pool with your head and immediately make a decision. I’m talking about situations where the solution is needed here and now, you can not pull, because then you will deal with the consequences of your indecisiveness. If you are a true leader, you will not allow that everything goes on its own, you must keep everything under control. Yes, sometimes this decision will be wrong, but, in my opinion, it’s better, because we all know to be successful, we need to do more than the rest.

With the growth and formation of personality, your childhood dream turns into a concrete, charged goal. The goal that you will be presenting and struggling to achieve with it. This is called a "vision". That is, it is a certain picture of the future that you build in your head, strive for it, and it in turn inspires you not to stop. The desire to approach your dream helps a person to overcome a huge number of difficulties in his path. If we recall the biographies of brilliant scientists, we note that they worked around the clock, free of charge, not sparing themselves, in the end, to gain popularity, glory, make a discovery and enter your name on the alley of glory. Without a dream, it's very difficult to motivate yourself to success. You must have something for which you want to become better. The fact is that the dream is the basis for all our future activities. It includes a lot of feelings, emotions, motivations and becomes the basic for self-realization of the person in the future.

Set your goals, do not pay attention to obstacles and look for opportunities to achieve, then you yourself will not notice how your life will change beyond recognition.

I wish each of you new steps up the career ladder. Let all the failures and adversities remain beyond the threshold of the old year, and in the new one there will be only ups and downs! Let this new year be even more fruitful and successful for you. Huge luck to be with you in one friendly team and, on a daily basis, amicably solve new, even difficult tasks! I have a small commission for you. Make a list of your goals for the next year. Just 20 items that you must fulfill within 365 the next few days. This list is just for you. This will be your biggest motivation throughout the year. Day after day, review this list and work harder. Work to achieve your goals. Work to ensure that exactly one year later, in front of your twenty goals, there were exactly twenty ticks. Congratulations, my dear friends.

“Over the years, a person loses a lot, but this is life, and you understand it – when you lose. You understand that life is such a game where every inch is important. If you got late, you took a step more, a step less, and gave that inch. We will fight for every inch! Because we know the sum of these inches is the difference between the victory and defeat, between life and death! In the fight, the one who is ready to give his life for this inch – wins! And I’m ready to fight and die for this inch, because this is life! -“Tony D’Amato in the film “Any Given Sunday”

Hard times give rise to leaders. Have you ever thought about a person's abilities? What is he capable of when he finds himself in a zone of discomfort? Working with a large number of people, I often notice that difficult conditions help them develop skills, discover hidden talents, and this helps them to be the first, to be the leaders. I, rather, refer to the type of people who need a challenge, situations that require risk. And who are you? Do you think that if everything is under your control, then you are going too slowly, or are you supporters of the principle a “slow to go fast?”

“Make your way forward: nothing in the world can replace perseverance. It will not be replaced by talent – there is nothing more ordinary than talented losers. It is not replaced by genius – an unrealized genius has already become a parable in all languages. It is not replaced by a good education – the world is full of educated outcasts. All-powerful is only perseverance.”

-Ray Kroc in his book “Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s”

"Success is not a one way street. If you stop trying, you fail. You have to keep trying, keep doing what you love to fuel your passion and make success sustainable."