Have you ever thought about the fact that in creating your own business, we fall into slavery to our own business? This idea often visits me when I want to do something for myself, for example, go on vacation or just fly away for an indefinite time just to relax and distract. But I realize all responsibility for my business and the people who work with me, so allow myself to rest more than a few days is a rare luxury.

If you decide to create your own business, create a favorite job. After all, business should be tailored not only for a product, market or idea. Business, in the first place, should be tailored for you. Therefore, always remember that in an unloved business burn out much faster than on an unloved job, working for someone.

How to flourish in the chaos. Problems do not tolerate people who do not work, who do not take risks. If there are difficulties - it means the work process is on. Treat your business as your child, participate in the process of its growth, lay the right foundation and do not stop participating in its life, especially in difficult times. It's not always everything goes well in business, there are difficulties and moments when you don’t want to do anything. But you do not leave the child when he is sick. Same in business, delve into all the details, do not act as an organizer, but be an active participant.

Develop a strategy and know where you are going, determine the right direction. And I would like to give the most important advice, in my opinion – be responsible. If you are not ready to take responsibility, and understand that your business is YOUR risk, then do not do business at all, and failures should make you think what and where you did wrong.

Have you noticed how’s our ego making our life complicated? Very often, having reached certain level in business, a turning point comes. The reasons can be different: the economic situation in the world, the wrong strategy, or just one wrong decision. At this moment, it is important to understand that your ego, which in a particular case was the catalyst for growth, can lead you to the wrong direction. After all, the ego is our false self-identification, it is the root of a sense of self-importance. And when our business is not going well, it hurts our ego. But we need to understand that the more ego we have, the less real actions we are making. However, it is necessary for us to be more brave and start acting. So control yourself, learn to determine this side, where your ego is really hurt, and where your ego can become your biggest enemy.

When you can see how the other companies developing, it doesn’t matter that this is a completely different field of activity, the main thing is growth, and how they keep pace with the times, what new developments they create, how all these systems are implemented, and you already see this result, and this gives you a push to keep up. So keep up with the times, look for your interests, be inspired and create.

The Books about business and trainings. Often I’m being asked about the books I read to run the business and where I get the knowledge. To be honest, I’ve never read the books about business, I believe that the most important thing in it is practice. Business can be compared to sport, and I think every businessman who reads this post will agree with me. For example: if you read the books about boxing, and then go to the ring with a champion, the chances of winning in a fight will be close to zero. Only in business you enter the ring with destiny. Lately, there’s a lot of business trainers appeared, who do not have their own business and they teach others and making money on it. What I’m trying to say is that the theory, of course, is important, but you need to learn from businessmen who have succeeded in their business, but not from people who dream about it.