If you have little money - start doing your business, if you do not have any money at all - then you just have to do business. Judge for yourself, no employer will give you as much money as you can earn by working for yourself. I will share with you one observation: most businessmen have a passive income. Therefore, if you work for someone, try to create your own source of passive income, which will bring you money without your participation. Look for ideas, create! After all, today it is not so difficult, create those goods and services that will have value in the market and benefit people, and you profit.

Artificial happiness is drug addiction of the 21st century. We do not know how to be happy. Our self-esteem then goes down, it rises. And why? Because the neighbor has more money, the car is better. You start chasing money, because you are no worse than him. If you are the same neighbor, with a good car and money, then, as a rule, you begin to feel superior to others, you become important, you rise in your eyes. And then what? Then, in pursuit of artificial happiness, people become “drug addicts” who at all costs will maintain their value in relation to people around them. They start to want more, and as a rule, it costs a lot of money. But here banks come to the aid … Further – immense debts, and the next stage is a credit needle. After all, the worst thing for these people is to go down to the level of those they think is lower, and so that this does not happen, they are ready to pay any money for things that confirm the status. And the offensive day, when banks do not give loans, the source of joy and happiness cuts out, they fall into the deepest depression. At the same time, sincerely believing that everyone is to blame, except for themselves. After all, all they wanted was “to be like everyone else”, to take everything from life and not to miss the main years of their life …

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between rich and poor, except for the amount of their savings? Poor people are more poor not because they do not have extra money, but because they do not have the desire to achieve their goals. Rich people having set themselves a goal simply do not concentrate on obstacles, they are looking for opportunities. And when they find them, they do everything to achieve their goal. The ability to set goals, one of the most important features of successful people.

I have two questions for you: 1) How much money would you like to have in your account? 2) Why this amount? You know, when I first asked myself these questions, I seriously started to think. But over the years, answering these two questions, I had a third: and what is it, the value of money? Actually there were a lot of options: to change the situation in the world, to measure my success, to open a company and give a job to people, even the option of providing carefree life was also considered. But money, itself, it is a pieces of paper, coins. I think for someone, this is the goal of life, to make a lot of money, but for others – a tool that allows to do something and show yourself. Personally for me, the number that you have in your bank account is an indicator of whether you are moving in the right direction. I just want to convey to you the fact that the value of money is not in the money itself, but in the benefits, the emotions and the right things that they can bring. And yet I stopped at the fact that in 21st century the main value of money is freedom.