We all experience the influence of public opinion. Very often we depend not only on the circumstances, but also on our surroundings: family, friends, collective. But you must agree, these opinions are not always positive, I'm sure all of us were criticized and disapproved by people whose opinion is important for us. In my example, I can say that it is very difficult to resist people whose opinion you always get, whose words have always been the fulcrum for making an important decision. It is important to realize that for you, your opinion is the most important factor. Learn to rely on yourself and your decisions. In the end, if something does not go according to plan, the responsibility will lie only on you, you will not blame others for their mistakes. And anyway, I want to note that successful people are very often and much advised, but decisions always take themselves. Therefore, always listen to the opinions of important people for you, but always do as you see fit.

It’s easy to be weak, to condemn, to criticize people, to be passive and to postpone everything for later. And you do the opposite! Do not be like everyone else! Be special! Study, develop, invest in yourself, in your future! Lay the foundation today, do not miss the moment! Fight for your dream! Never betray yourself, no one can control your destiny, except yourself! And remember, the darkest night before dawn. And if you feel that there is already no strength to go, then you are one step away from success. Be special!

Failure is not my destiny. People are weak. Very quickly we give up when another failure or difficulty arises on our path. If not the first time, then the tenth, but most give up. We say "this is probably not mine" and we forget our dream. And I think: nothing can stop a person until he does not want to stop. Believe me, not everyone will know the failure because of the uncertainty in the result, many simply refuse to fight. Learn to turn off emotions and turn on the cold mind, very often it saves you when you are unsure whether the game is worth the candle.

Weaknesses. Have you ever thought that revealing the weaknesses of a person, you, to some extent, can manage it? In my opinion, there are no weaknesses that would not be used for covert management of people. I’m sure that most people, though on an unconscious level, but enjoy it. Judge for yourself: curiosity, excitement, self-doubt, complexes that are obvious to others, superstitions, lack of a “moral” core, etc. is all that makes us vulnerable, and observant people will try to use it. You ask why am I? And to the fact that we all have weak points, if you think that you do not have them, then most likely you have not yet revealed them. As a person who has been in business for many years, I would like to advise you to identify your weaknesses and try to get rid of them, well, or at least hide them to be less vulnerable to others. This will help you both in business and in life.

Compete only with yourself. The most common way to lose time is to compare yourself with others. Most people think: "They do everything much better than I do," "Why his company is more successful than mine." Such thinking will very quickly start to knock you off the path you have planned and ultimately lead to nothing. Try to compete with yourself. Of course, you need to evaluate the competition in business, but constantly comparing your successes with the successes of another person is a bad thing. Analyze your results and compare what and how you are doing now, with the way you did before. If the improvements are noticeable, then you are in the right direction. Everyone has his own way and his own ways of achieving his goals, the main thing is to remember and try to go his own way.

Every time I think what a complex mechanism our body is. How, at times, it is easy to play with our consciousness. Yesterday you dropped your hands, today found the strength to move forward, tomorrow – you will jump above your head, and everyone around will shout: It does not count! Above your head you will not jump! And then comes the time when you are tired, tired of the fact that you have to prove all the time that you could, get tired of constant opinions and comments that you are a worthy person or nothing better than others. When you are tired, move slowly, slowly. But do not stop. You are tired for quite objective reasons. You are tired because you are growing. Do not let others play with your mind and make you doubt yourself.

Belief in yourself. What prevents us from doing things in life that we like? Nothing but ourselves, or rather our uncertainty. I’ve noticed that many people are simply too demanding to themselves at the initial stage - this is the main mistake, there is not all at once! A founder of the coffee shops network "Starbucks" went to take credit for this project 89 times! 89 times he was told that this idea would not work and 89 times it was refused. I want to say that the question is only in your inner conviction and belief in yourself and your idea. After all, as A.Enstein said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Therefore, remember, no one believes in you as you are, and that’s one of the main components of success.

Perseverance. Only persistent people achieve their goals – I realized it quick enough. In business, as in life, there are always times when you fall. Some get up and go further, and some, prefer not to do anything, because of the fear to fall again. According to my experience I can say – if there is no discomfort, there is no growth. Be stubborn and persistent in achieving the goal!