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United Arab Emirates-based armored vehicle company, Inkas Vehicle LLC which had earlier planned to spread its tentacles to Nigeria with a view to connecting the West African market has explained through its representatives why they have suspended the planned launch in Nigeria in 2020.

According to the spokesperson, the company was ready to launch the factory and start operation in 2020 but the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic altered the plan and put everything pretty much on hold. The company said they didn’t fail in their bid to make good their promise but had to adapt to the prevailing situation which affected business and social lives globally.

The company further asserted that Nigeria, indeed Africa is on their agenda and would soon be unveiling their next plans in that regard but nonetheless admitted that it is subject to how the business world responds to the pandemic.

“Inkas Vehicles has been hit by the given situation as well. Mr.Ulugbekhon has chosen the way to keep promises to the clients as with pandemic threats are still there and to take good care of his team members by arranging for them a safe environment to live and work,” the spokesperson says.

“Nigeria holds one of the largest African markets in the world and thus still is of top priority to us,” the spokesperson adds.

The Inkas Group DMCC was established as a small trading firm in 2008 a few years after Ulugbekhon Maksumov relocated to UAE. It soon expanded to Inkas Vehicles LLC in 2012 to enlarge the scope of operation.

The firm is a manufacturing body for producing high tech vehicles majorly, and now a multi-million-dollar conglomerate with many of its operations in UAE, Middle East, Europe and undergoing expansion in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Inkas Vehicle LLC is majorly known for producing military vehicles and high tech cars majorly for high profiled personalities, government NGOs and so on.

The Inkas Vehicle LLC dominates the armored manufacturing market in UAE and holds a strong position within the competitor circle.

The Inkas Group DMCC has moved from being a trading company to being the largest manufacturing industrial factory in Dubai.

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